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ADF Cadets - a new portal & ERP taking it places

A network for the Australian Defence Force Cadets

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Australian Defence Force Cadets Portal & ERP

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ICEMEDIA has partnered with the Department of Defence for over 10 years to develop a range of solutions for the ADF Cadets, including both the CadetNet Portal and the CadetNet information management platform for approximately 30,000 individual members.

The Portal provides the Cadets with member access to their respective Cadet Force intranet as well as a public-facing website for promoting the Cadets. The solution offers members an effective promotional tool for all things Cadets as well as a single space where members can gain quick access to their information.

The information management platform provides the Cadets and Defence with an integrated, robust and bespoke ERP solution. It enables the organisation to manage and report on Cadet information using a simple, people centric interface that focuses on the needs of multiple operators.

Services: strategy development, user experience design, information architecture design, graphic design, software architecture and design, SharePoint development, Umbraco development, user acceptance testing and support.


LOGIQC's new approach to quality management

LOGIQC Quality Management System

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LOGIQC's new approach to quality management

Quality management can often feel like a chore, where a series of boxes must be checked for the sake of ‘compliance’. LOGIQC have found a way to take the grunt work out of quality management with their new quality management system.

ICEMEDIA partnered with with LOGIQC to develop their product into an easy to use, cloud-based software that helps manage critical tasks relating to daily organisational concerns such as quality, safety, risk, compliance and business improvement.

This has allowed organisations in the private and community sectors to better meet specific quality management standards such as ISO 9001 – all while seamlessly integrating LOGIQC into the day to day processes of businesses.

LOGIQC laptop screen and iMac screen

New students, new web orientation

Redesigning Griffith University's student enrollment process.

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"Welcome to Griffith" University Orientation Process

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Griffith University

New university students have enough to think about, so Griffith University asked ICEMEDIA to streamline its student enrolment process and create a simple, step-by-step online workflow for both their public and secure websites.

ICEMEDIA reviewed the enrolment steps that new students need to undertake and complete their first few weeks at the university, setting up passwords, library access, learning about facilities, school fees etc. ICEMEDIA then worked with staff to create personas for their different types of students - new, mature-age, overseas - as well as for parents.

The content of the site was rationalised, and a draft user experience design created to show the steps required simply and indicate where in the process the user was at all times. The designs were tested with users, adjusted and then templates built for university staff to install on their website.

Griffith new students and starting at Griffith screens

Hear! Hear! to Improving the lives of kids

A Windows game to help children with hearing problems.

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National Acoustics Laboratories LiSN and Learn

NAL were looking to commercialise a program they had created to assist kids with auditory processing problems.  The pilot LiSN & Learn program was created by NAL and developed by ICEMEDIA.  It had been scientifically tested and proven to be effective. 

To enhance the overall appeal of the commercialised product, ICEMEDIA created avatars to support the kids as they work through the exercises they need to complete.  Kids earn rewards for completing the core program.  These rewards can be used to change or enhance their avatar, or redeemed to play fun games such as Clown Cannon and Space Maze.

NAL start screen and shop screen

ICEMEDIA created the graphics, designed the avatars and fun games, and programmed the software. LiSN & Learn is now enhancing the lives of kids around the world by improving their auditory processing ability. It was featured on the ABC TV’s Catalyst program.


Responsive design keeps charter airline mobile

Rebranding and website development for FlightOne.

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FlightOne Website Redevelopment

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Flight One

When corporate airline charter business FlightOne redeveloped their website, they knew they needed to cater to busy corporate and leisure travellers as well as flying students. This meant staying as mobile as their users by adding a responsive website to their marketing efforts. 


ICEMEDIA worked with FlightOne to develop a website design that reconfigured itself depending on the size of the user’s screen, optimising the experience for smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers. This allows website users to book a flying lesson online on any device, and seek scenic flight or other travel information wherever they are.

Flight One

FlightOne saw the website redevelopment as an ideal time to refresh its corporate branding and collateral. By combining this design process – logo redesign, business cards and stationery – with the website design process ICEMEDIA was able to achieve a comprehensive corporate rebrand and website build at a lower total cost than completing these tasks separately.


Migrating to online self-serve

A new design, new CMS and new CRM integration

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Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) Website Redevelopment

Managing the migration of new residents to Australia is a big job, and the Australian Government’s Migration Agents Registration Authority realised it was time to help its key target audiences help themselves. MARA needed to allow migrants, migration agents, and education providers to efficiently find information and manage their relationship with MARA.

The new MARA website is fully integrated with Microsoft CRM, which has provided a platform for automating a number of previously manual processes. This has streamlined the way MARA interacts with its key audiences and greatly reduced the administration resources required.

By linking the agency’s Customer Relationship Management software with the site, migration agents can register online, book training from agent education providers and migrants can seek help to manage their migration process. The information from these and other processes now automatically flows into the agency’s other processes and systems. 

Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

In the Moodle for eLearning

Interactive medical course content for Moodle.

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RANZCOG Colposcopy Online Learning Program

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) approached ICEMEDIA to develop an online, interactive version of one of their paper-based short courses.

After a requirements gathering workshop and other stakeholder engagement, ICEMEDIA began building a course structure in the Moodle open source eLearning software. After adding both static and interactive course content, it was necessary to develop various customised Moodle plugins and features to meet some of RANZCOG’s specific requirements.

The result is the RANZCOG Colposcopy Online Learning Program (COLP), which consists of eight modules of around 20 pages each, plus pre- and post-tests for each module. ICEMEDIA tested the course with RANZCOG and prospective users and then packaging and released the approved course to RANZCOG.

RANZCOG - Moodle development


CASA Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool

An online tool to help author manuals.

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CASA Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool

ICEMEDIA has worked with CASA on various projects since the late ‘90’s.  A recent project ICEMEDIA worked on with CASA is the online Air Safety Manual Authoring Tool. This tool is designed to support and guide airlines as they prepare their air safety manuals. 

Initially developed as a CD-ROM, the updated tool is now fully online.  Airlines are able to access reference content to create their manuals, to make the process easier.  Draft content is lodged and reviewed online by CASA, streamlining the feedback and approvals process. 

The result is a better quality, more consistently structured air safety manuals, a quicker and easier feedback and approvals process for CASA, and a much easier process for airlines.

CASA - Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool